The address of our new home is:  3455 58th Avenue North, St. Petersburg, FL 33714


Please Note:  Normally, the front of a building is that portion that faces the road.  In our case, the front of the building would be facing 58th Ave N.  However, due to the fact that there is no access to this part of the property because of a wall surrounding what would normally be considered the front yard, this part of the building will be referred to as the Back of the Building.  The Front of the Building will be the area that would normally be considered  the back.  That is the area where the parking lot is and where the main entrance is located.  So, just to confuse you even more, what we refer to as the front of our building is physically the back and the back of the building is physically the front. 

The demolition of the interior of the building is 99% completed.  The progress in building out the project is presently awaiting permits.  Saturday, March 3rd, was the nearly final planning meeting of the Building Committee to discuss and decide upon the interior layout.  The kitchen will be a galley kitchen.  The Secretary's Office will be located in the back of the building.  Next to it will be the Worshipful Master/York Rite/OES multi use Office.  The Lounge/Game Room area will be addressed in Phase Two.  There are Storage Rooms available for the use of the Lodge, York Rite and Eastern Star.  We will have the most beautiful, most efficiently designed and most modern Masonic Center in our area.

The reason for having a Phase Two is the Committee's desire to provide a home for the Masonic Center in the shortest amount of time.  Phase Two consists of possibly removing a wall in the front of the building to allow for the construction of the Lounge/Game Room.  Other items will be completed in Phase Two also.  I would list some of them here but they are unknown at this time.  Items thought of during and after the completion of Phase One will be addressed in Phase Two.

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Clicking on the above link will load the latest building plans.  You will need a PDF reader to view the plans.