From the Secretary:

I know it may not feel like it, but this year is half gone! 
That means Annual Dues are just around the corner.
If you are one of the few who have not submitted your
2020 Dues, please do so now!  (if the amount of the
Annual Dues places a financial hardship upon you,
please let us know.  We can help!)

From the Worshipful Master:

At our EA Rehearsal held on September 8th I notified everyone present that we would be having a Called Communication on September 22nd to receive the Fellow Craft Proficiencies from Brothers Witty and Sasser.  I have been informed that a minimum of two weeks notice be given to every member of the Lodge, so I have revised the date of the Called Communication from September 22nd to October 6th.  I have directed the Secretary to send due notice to the membership of the following:  There will be two Called Communications in the month of October.  1) October 6, 2020 for the purpose of receiving the FC Proficiencies of Brothers Witty and Sasser. 2) October 27, 2020 for the purpose of the Official Visit of the District Deputy Grand Master.  Both of these Called Communications will be held at the Northside Lodge No. 283 building, and begin at 7:30 PM.  There will be no meal prior to either meeting.
                                                              IS THE COVID-19 VIRUS DESTROYING OUR LODGE?
Brothers, the covid-19 virus is destroying our Lodge!  I think this is a true statement, but only in an extremely broad sense. 
Because of the covid-19 virus we have had to endure many changes.  Some were voluntary,  some were simply common sense and others were mandated by government. It is normal for Americans to resist change, especially when mandated by government.  That is our nature.  That is also an underlying element of why covid-19 is destroying our Lodge.
Sit back for a moment, and in your imagination divest yourself of all your feelings concerning this virus.  See yourself with never having heard of the virus.  Life is great!  Life is normal!  Everything is running smoothly!
Now, imagine reading about a virus that is spread from person to person just through the act of talking to one another.  That is terrible, you think.  Then you read that this virus can be fatal, especially to older Americans and even more especially to those folks with underlying medical conditions.  Now you think, this could be serious.  Next you read that the government is taking action.  Drastic action, in your opinion, and not necessarily proper action.  That bothers you.
You analyze each action the government took.  You question the validity of each action.  You then contemplate what might have been a better way.  You consider the people effected by each action and find that if people lived by the Golden Rule, many of the government’s oppressive actions need not have been required. 
You single out for contemplation the mandatory use of a mask, or face covering.  Your analysis indicates that a face covering is a good idea.  After all, a face covering would be a logical item for a courteous person, who is concerned about spreading this virus, to wear.  You also imagine that you would feel more comfortable around other people if they too were wearing a face covering. 
As we are Americans, we feel that the government does not have to right to mandate that we wear a face covering while in public.  After all, this is a free country, you know!  Because of our perception of being required to wear a face covering by people in authority, we adopt a defensive position and totally forget about common sense and courtesy.
Common sense dictates that a person will do whatever is necessary to not spread a contagious disease.  Courtesy dictates that a person will do that in a manner which allows other people to feel safe and comfortable.  Wearing a face covering fits in perfectly with both of these.
This, my Brothers, is why I agree that Covid-19 is destroying our Lodge.  Not because of the virus, but because of how we react to whole situation.  The wearing of face coverings seems to cause disharmony within the Lodge.  Some Brothers wear them, and others don’t think they have to.  As a Mason, who has taken vows concerning the treatment of other Brothers, it behooves a Brother to act with common sense and courtesy toward other Brothers.  Even if that means bending some personal belief so your Brothers will feel more comfortable.  The wearing of a face covering demonstrates to the Brothers that the wearer is concerned about his Brothers and their health.  With that in mind, the opposite could be said about a Brother who refuses to wear a face covering.  Hence disharmony!  Hence a destroyed Lodge!