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Here is the latest on the issue of Mutual Fraternal Amity/Recognition between the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of Florida and the Most Worshipful Union Grand Lodge Jurisdiction of Florida, Belize, Central America, Incorporated, Prince Hall Affiliated.
There were 4 areas that both party’s (our Grand Lodge and the PHA Grand Lodge) agreed to as the stipulations for Mutual Fraternal Amity/Recognition.  They are sumerized below.
1.  The Amity/Recognition Agreement shall never constitute furtue merger, consolidation, and/or amalgamation of our Grand Lodges;
2.  There shall be no transferring of membership from one Grand Jurisdiction to the other;
3.  Visitation shall only occur at the Grand Lodge level and then only at the Grand Lodge Session of either Grand Jurisdiction;
4.  There shall be no visitation at the Subordiante Lodge Level of either Grand Jurisdiction. 

So Brothers, it appears as though we recognize Prince Hall Affiliated masons and they recognize us, we just can’t visit each other’s Lodge meetings.  I would think that this would open the door to joint civic activities, social activities and perhaps even fund raising activities.